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Semi-Annual Garage Door Inspection& Adjustments

Proper care of a garage door includes routine inspections and adjustments when necessitated. These simple tasks ensure that it remains in perfect working order and the safety of family as well as pets. While there are a few tasks that experienced do it yourselfers accomplish, many should be left up to those professionally trained. The expert crew at PS Garage Doors Repairs are experts in the field. We are available and waiting for you call. Contact one of our courteous representatives today.

Force Adjustments

The force adjustment setting determines how much force will be required to operate the garage door. The optimum setting is that which requires the least amount of effort for the operation of the door. Upon professional installation the force adjustment is set and generally will not require further adjustments; however, these types of adjustments may need fine tuning at some point in the life of the garage door.

All garage doors must have a properly functioning reversal system to prevent injury or death while closing it. If the force adjustment is set to require more than minimum effort, it may interfere with the proper functioning of the reversal system. Many times when making adjustments to the operational force requirement it is necessary to adjust the travel limits as well.

Track Adjustments

The overhead garage door track should be lubricated on a routine basis to ensure the door continues to operate smoothly. A misaligned garage door track can inhibit the proper function of the door. Bent rails and/or gaps between the rail and the rollers can cause serious issues. It is important to contact a garage door professional. Attempting to correct these issues without experienced help is extremely dangerous. It is also crucial to seek assistance immediately as the intense weight of the garage door can exacerbate the damage. This could not only result in damages and possible injury, but additional costly repairs.

Opener Adjustments

Garage door openers should be inspected semi-annually to ensure that they are performing optimally. Openers are responsible for extreme weights and should only be utilized when working correctly. In the event that they are not could indicate that there is something wrong with the reversal mechanism. A garage door opener malfunction can result in extensive damage to the home or vehicles. This also presents a serious danger of fatal injury to persons and pets.

Our professional team at PS Garage Doors Repair has been proving our neighbors with only high quality services and premium products for many years now. We will be happy to visit your home and inspect your garage door today, just give us a call. Our team can inspect it today and determine which adjustments are necessary to get your garage door in perfect working order again. We place our clients’ satisfaction and safety above all else.

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